"So here I sit. 22 years old, with all the passion in the universe, the best collection of songs I've ever heard and the best supporters I could imagine. Thank you all eternally. This year has been such a blessing."
Happy 22nd Birthday Drew Chadwick



Happy Birthday to this wonderful man! Twenty-two years already, I can’t believe! I hope he has a lot of years to make a lot of sucess with his incredible musics, to bring positivity for us, to make us smile every single second of our lives. I don’t have words to say how much I’m proud of him, so all that I’m gonna say it is, I love him so much and happy 22 birthday Drew Michael Chadwick!


remember when keaton stromberg was a dorky 16 year old


From Drews twitter


its this ray of sunshines birthday today :)






So close to 1k notes !!!!!!!



halloween is soon 

its transparent

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Emblem3, Midnight Red, & their friends.


Hey guys! So, ever since school started I’ve seemed pretty inactive. I mean I’ve been posting and keeping my stuff up to date, but I haven’t really been talking to everyone as much as I normally do! I realized that I haven’t updated my BOTM in forever so I decided, what better month to get it going again than October (aka the best month & thats not biased even tho my birthday is coming up ok)!

So here’s all you’ve gotta do:

  • mbf me
  • be a 90-100% Emblem3 Blog
  • reblog this by October 12th
  • multiple reblogs can help get you more chances
  • like only for bookmarking
  • winner will be randomly selected out by a program

What winning will get you:

  • weekly promotion to 2.3K+ followers via ships posts in which they must follow you in order to be shipped
  • (another thing I haven’t done much of lately)
  • an obvious link to your blog on mine
  • a promotion to my followers in which you can tell me what your blog has to offer them and why they should follow you (+ my personal input)
  • you can ask me for whatever you need (reasonably)
  • we get to be friends
  • i can give you blog advice with what you could do to advance your theme and ideas more
  • (ignore my theme because i want to change it i just havent had the time or patience to work with it…unless you like it lmao)
  • my love forever

To increase your chances (on being noticed more often or being picked):

  • make a post explaining why it should be you
  • message me and become friends
  • make an edit for me
  • promote my blog to your followers
  • do any of these using the tag wesecstasybotm so i can find it
  • etc
  • you don’t have to do any of these, it can just help

So, reblog this by 10/12 at 6:00PM EST & I will select a winner! Everyone has a chance, whether you have 15 followers or 2000!

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